Niepospolita Restauracja i Koktajlbar – Secon Polish Republic on a plate and in a glass, refers to the old traditional Polish cuisine of the interwar period, – the 20s and 30s of the 20th century. It was created out of a passion for history, culture and cuisine of that period, combined with good taste.

We welcome guests in a room with an art-deco bar, sofas upholstered in stylish green velor and arches according to designs inspired by art from the Second Polish Republic. This room is located on the ground floor of a historic tenement house at the Lublin Rynek Square. Our pride, in this Hall, is the pre-war sideboard that we renovated, the legend of which goes straight back to the pre-war Belweder Palace, you need to pay attention to the inlaid mermaids in the door of this beautiful piece of furniture.

We are also waiting for guests in the large summer garden and in the club room on the first floor. It is a room with walls filled with old newspapers, photos and posters from pre-war Lublin.

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Vegetarian meals
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Characteristics of the restaurant


Original cocktails

“The unique cocktail bar combines modernity with the rediscovered history of Polish bartending. Original cocktails and recipes from the period of the Second Polish Republic combine in Niepospolita in a mixture “.


Pre-war menu

The only place with authentic dishes from the era which refers to the Second Polish Republic, supported by old antique cookbooks from our collection.

The atmosphere of old times

The Old Town, two rooms in different styles and a garden, as well as smiling and professional staff.

Dishes recommended by the Place of Inspiration

appetizer – a traditional dish served in an original way.

a soup that was served in Galicia before the war.

with crayfish necks tartare. A soup that can be found in every pre-war cookbook, crème de la crème of pre-war Polish cuisine.

stewed in the aroma of brandy and roasted coriander seeds, served with buckwheat dumplings traditional in the Lublin region and baked with local cheese Bursztyn.

local goat cheese dessert.