Zielony Talerzyk

Zielony Talerzyk

Zielony Talerzyk is a place where we cook in slowfood style. We prepare our dishes from scratch, you will not find any flavor enhancers or semi-finished products. We support local suppliers, we cook from the best quality ingredients, and we are constantly looking for new flavors.

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ul. Królewska 3

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vegan, vegetarian, slow food
Vegetarian meals
Vegan meals
Outdoor Seating
Wheelchair Accessible
Parking Available

Characteristics of the restaurant

Seasonal menu card

Menu consisting of dishes based on seasonal products.

Zielony Talerzyk - dania

Vegan and vegetarian dishes

Modern and varied meat-free menu.

Fresh bread

Daily bread, baked on site.

Dishes recommended by the Place of Inspiration

Smoked trout paste from Pustelnia / egg paste from free chickens / cottage cheese with chives / butter / onion bread / sourdough bread baked on site


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