16 Stołów

16 Stołów

16 Stołów (16 Tables) Restaurant is located in the heart of Lublin’s Old Town. Located in the Musician’s Tenement House at Rynek 16, the restaurant started its activity in 2011 with exactly 16 tables onboard. Today, there are definitely more than just 16 tables, and the cosy, homely interiors of the restaurant in warm beige, white and brown colours with characteristic fireplaces tempt guests not only from Lublin. The tenement house owes its name to one of the largest residents of our city – Jan from Lublin. The character of the place is emphasized primarily by the cuisine of Chef Piotr Kwiatosz. He is a traditionalist of flesh and blood, who particularly loves French cuisine, but the return to his roots, especially to regionalism and recipes hidden today only in the villages of experienced Lublin housewives, made Polish cuisine, especially the Lublin one, close to his heart. The menu is not boring, as Chef Piotr, respecting and celebrating the seasonality in his culinary kingdom, cooks according to nature and to the rhythm of the changing seasons. He prepares tasty and colorful variations from seasonal ingredients … depending on what the fields, meadows, orchards, gardens, and forests in Lublin bestow upon us. In his kitchen, he also uses meat from the Lublin region: lamb from Lublin, pork (Puławy breed), Bilgoraj goose, and fish from the regional hermitage in Poniatowa, as well as dairy and eggs from our region.

All these efforts have been appreciated as in 2016 16 Stołów Restaurant as one of three restaurants in Lublin, received the prestigious SLOW FOOD POLAND recommendation, which is of the quality and origin of products that the restaurant uses daily. Traditional Lublin and Polish cuisine, the tastes of childhood served in a modern form according to the idea of Slow Food and fusion, make the supporters of the chef Piotr Kwiatosz’s cuisine keep coming.


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Characteristics of the restaurant

Wnętrze restauracji 16 Stołów


The wine list consists of nearly 70 wines from around the world.

Wnętrze restauracji 16 Stołów


Wine tasting and live music concerts are on the event calendar.

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Selected ingredients

The dishes are composed of the highest quality regional products.

Dishes recommended by the Place of Inspiration

with beet mousse, pearl onion, mustard with buckwheat honey from Lublin apiaries, and buckwheat groats crispy.


from the regional Pustelnia breeding served with sour cream with roasted almonds and real horseradish and buckwheat blini and beet mousse.

with horseradish, fresh marjoram, smoked regional cottage cheese, and buckwheat blini.

with lamb from Lublin (Uhruska breed) served with ravioli stuffed with potatoes and Hungarian plum.

with smoked regional sturgeon, millet with ryegrass with sauce from baked tomatoes and peppers.

in a mussels sauce with tomatoes and zucchini and classic potato pancakes, dumplings with Bilgoraj goose, potatoes, and fresh marjoram served on apple mousse and Lublin cider base with a leek gravy.

are already a permanent position on the menu. Pancakes change their form every month, depending on the availability of seasonal ingredients, while one remains unchanged: two versions, sweet and salty. Nowadays, the sweet ones are made from conference pear baked in honey, caramelized figs, toffee sauce with coffee, and meringue with coconut flakes, while the salty ones are made from pumpkin with roasted pumpkin, aromatic sage in butter, roasted butter foam, regional cheddar cheese, and crispy linseed.