Chapter One by Piotr Kwiatosz

Chapter One by Piotr Kwiatosz

Chapter One by Piotr Kwiatosz is, above all, sophisticated dishes made from selected ingredients, a unique and unusual form of serving, professional service, and a special atmosphere. All these elements form a complete whole and have one common goal, which is to change the visit in the restaurant into an experience worth remembering. It is an incredible variety of forms, textures, aromas, and flavors, thanks to which an ordinary meal remains in the memory of the visiting guests for a long time. Chapter One is also a constant discovery of the unknown. Visitors have the opportunity to taste something new every time. Chapter One is an adventure that Guests embark on every time they cross the threshold of the restaurant. This is the first private dining restaurant in Lublin, which allows you to celebrate exceptional moments without a hurry in an elegant yet cozy interior located in the charming Lublin Old Town. Chapter One by Piotr Kwiatosz is a cozy and atmospheric place in shades of dark chocolate, gray, red, and copper… It is an elegant and intimate interior, wrapped in soft sofas and comfortable armchairs in gray and honey… Small, wooden tables adorned with linen napkins and unusual hand-cut tableware… Warm, subdued light giving the impression of intimacy and peace… Chapter One in its pure form… Chapter One is, above all, the only restaurant in Lublin that allows experiencing the tasty adventure of fine dining.

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ul. Rynek 14

+48 609 710 310

Vegetarian meals
Vegan meals
Outdoor Seating
Wheelchair Accessible
Parking Available

Characteristics of the restaurant

Wnętrze Chapter One

Private dining

Private dining with a menu composed on request.

Danie kuchni fine dining w restauracji Chapter One


Monthly tasting dinners of the seasonal menu.

Przygotowanie dania w Chapter One

Fine dining

Original cuisine with respect for the product, atmosphere, and wine-pairing.

Dishes recommended by the Place of Inspiration

Amuse bouche, regional Lublin blinis, pancakes, and a pirogue of Bilgoraj with marjoram butter, Bilgoraj goose, and roasted pumpkin – a baked selection of Lublin bread and traditional wheat and buckwheat blini, challah dough pancakes, traditional pirogue of Bilgoraj and aromatic marjoram butter.

Bilgoraj goose, onion, beet, mustard, buckwheat, coarsely chopped tartar from marinated Bilgoraj goose, pickles from onion, mustard, buckwheat crisps.

Regional, smoked sturgeon, ryegrass, roasted tomatoes, and peppers, smoked sturgeon paste from the regional trout (Pustelnia breeding), traditionally home-made pickled ryegrass, roasted tomatoes and peppers, and traditional cabbage cooked in pumpkin oil.

Traditional sourdough Lublin white borsch, hand-made and traditionally smoked sausage from Bilgoraj goose and pork (Puławwy breed), smoked cottage cheese, grated horseradish, and poached egg with fresh marjoram.

Slowly cooked pork (Puławy breed), delicate Świdnik sunchoke mousse, broccoli pickles, pumpkin pickles, and quince gel, roasted sunflower seeds.

Traditional pirogue of Bilgoraj served hot with delicate goose stomachs, aromatic roasted Polish garlic, cranberries, and kale chips.

Caramelized, aromatic apples from Lublin’s orchards served with hazelnut crumble, traditional pancakes on soured milk, dry chokeberry gel, and sauce based on Lublin mead – Trójniak from Apis.