Mandragora Jewish Restaurant

Mandragora Jewish Restaurant

An extraordinary journey into Jewish culture and tradition, interwoven with the history of pre-war Lublin. Mandragora is like a Jewish home, where the atmosphere of family, cordiality, friendship, and love is obvious. The heart of the kitchen consists of tradition, history of the dish, and respect for the product. The recipes handed down from generation to generation are the pride of all Jewish women and the foundation of the Restaurant. The menu card opens the door to an ordinary Jewish home, where the kitchen plays a special role. It is filled with tradition, history, and symbolism, and its flavours evoke a longing for a world that has passed away.

The dishes in this menu are not accidental, most of them are prepared on the basis of recipes that are over a hundred years old. They are a kind of journey through the Jewish calendar. We invite you to a culinary journey where tradition meets modernity. Jewish cuisine is full of symbolism. Each dish refers to holidays or events from the history of Israel. Holishki is a traditional dish for Sukkot, chulent must be at the end of the Sabbath, fish for Rosh Hashanah, and latkes for the most beautiful holidays – Hanukkah.

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Characteristics of the restaurant

Restauracj a Mandragora, zbliżenie na danie

Klezmer concerts

Every Friday in Mandragora there is a meeting with traditional Jewish live music.

Patio restauracji Mandragora

Charming patio

with a view of the Trinitarian Tower from a completely different perspective.

Wnętrze restauracji Mandragora

Unique atmosphere

which is reflected in the decor reminiscent of a Jewish home.

Dishes recommended by the Place of Inspiration

one of the most traditional Shabbat specials. Gefilte fish – they are easy to eat on Shabbat, because they do not cause problems with borer (separating bad from good, one of the 39 malachotes – activities forbidden on Shabbat) that we encounter while eating bristly fish. For generations, it has been served on a lettuce leaf with horseradish and beetroot.

our specialty! Half of a duck stuffed with apples, glazed with honey. The dish is prepared for all family celebrations.

is a stuffed gooseneck – this dish comes from Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine. In Yiddish, the word ‘pipek’, which comes from the German ‘Pfeifen’, means ‘pipe’.

is a traditional meal. This very slow-cooked dish is prepared from meat, beans, potatoes, and groats. In Mandragora it is served on the Sabbath

traditional Jewish sweet bread.

traditional Jewish onion bread.



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