ParZona is a combination of a café and a bistro. The place refers to the tradition of drinking coffee and meeting over coffee in general. Together with local artists, creators and designers, ParZona goes beyond the café area and meets in the green squares, alleys, and streets of our city inspiring each other.

In ParZona you can enjoy delicious breakfasts, lunches, pasta, salads. The served dishes are composed of fresh, seasonal products supplied by local producers. ParZona also has a lot of sweets: homemade cakes, surprising pancakes, ice cream, and “mega” and “turbo” desserts.

The atmosphere of the place is perfect for conversations, lectures, and work. There is a lot of good energy in the air and the smell of freshly brewed coffee, because coffee is ParZona’s passion… espresso, americano, cappuccino, flat white, latte, chemex, drip, aeropress, and all other variations…

Logo Par Zona Cafe
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 51
Reservations: Do you need a table for today? Call: 81 381 56 79

Vegetarian meals
Vegan meals
Outdoor Seating
Wheelchair Accessible
Parking Available

Characteristics of the restaurant

Kawa i croissant w kawiarni Parzona

Coffee brewed in a dozen ways

The aroma of coffee fulfills the place. It is prepared in various ways – drip, chemex, aeropress…

Wnętrze Par Zona Cafe

A meeting place for generations

A date, meeting with friends, or mom’s birthday? This is a place for everyone, regardless of age.

Półki z herbatami, kawami i szkłem w kawiarni Parzona

Restaurant inscribed in the urban tissue

ParZona and its garden fit perfectly into the bustling main street of the city – Krakowskie Przedmieście.

Dishes recommended by the Place of Inspiration

It contains everything that the Lublin region stands for. Meat marinated in mead – a traditional drink that has been produced in Poland for a thousand years, and buckwheat groats – characteristic of the Southern Lublin region – in a sauce made of mushrooms dried in autumn. The dish topped with beetroot and horseradish sauce, marinated chanterelles, and grilled mushrooms, guarantees a journey into the land of Lublin’s traditional products.

is served obligatory with cebularz and bread baked in a local bakery, home-made paprikash made from smoked trout from the Poniatowa farm, butter, and Krasnystaw cottage cheese. A selection of regional cold cuts and sausages as well as pickles are also in the menu.

is what makes ParZona stand out on the culinary map of Lublin. This world-famous American breakfast made of poached eggs is served in three versions: classic one on grilled bacon, another one with delicate cottage cheese, avocado, spinach, capers, and smoked salmon with grated lemon peel, and in the Italian one: pesto from dried tomatoes, rocket, Parma ham, and ripened Italian cheese. Regardless of the version, the eggs are obligatory served on a crunchy baguette with a Dutch sauce prepared on white wine and chives.

a cocktail based on ice cream with sweets is a must for all those who love sweets. When it comes to creating freaks, we are limited only by our imagination. In ParZona you can find donuts, doughnuts, dragees, pralines, jellies, cakes, candy bars, and, of course, cotton candy that always arouses admiration and a smile on a child’s face.


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