Trybunalska City Pub

Trybunalska City Pub

Trybunalska City Pub is a modern restaurant, located in the very centre of the Lublin Old Town’s Rynek Square, which was delineated in the 14th century. The name of the restaurant is taken from the Crown Tribunal, which resided in the neighbouring building centuries ago. Over the centuries, the building has changed its form many times, and finally, years later, it has transformed into a place combining Lublin’s traditions with modern cuisine on a European level.

The tenement house where Trybunalska City Pub is located has its history connected with a mysterious inhabitant as well. During the renovation, glass negatives of pre-war photographs of Lublin’s Old Town dwellers were found in the attic. They were probably taken by Abram Zylberberg, a photographer, who lived in this tenement house and shared the fate of most Lublin Jews.

The building consists of closely connected elements: café, restaurant, pub, confectionery, bakery, conference room, and hotel rooms. The profile of Trybunalska’s activity has gone beyond gastronomic standards. Famous for its various events, projects, and workshops, it has become an interesting meeting place.

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Characteristics of the restaurant

Trybunalska City Pub - lubelskie śniadanie

Lublin breakfast

Filling, typically local breakfast with Lublin cebularz (onion flatbread).

Wnętrze Trybunalska City Pub


A wide range of sweets served with great coffee.

Widok z Trybunalskiej na Trybunał Koronny

Room with a view of Lublin Old Town

Comfortable apartments overlooking the Crown Tribunal.

Dishes recommended by the Place of Inspiration

(onion flatbread) available every day at the bakery. Cebularz is a traditional Jewish wheat cake.

a meat stew (one-pot meal with pork and sausage), served with cebularz.

in the shape of cebularz with caramelized onion and poppy seeds.

cebularz baked with mushrooms, Bursztyn cheese, tomato, and egg.