Classic Lublin PLUS. A tailor-made walk

Classic Lublin PLUS. A tailor-made walk

During this walk, you will visit most of Lublin’s tourist attractions. The guide will adapt the walking tour to your needs! For those willing, a bonus – visiting a “surprise place”!

The walking tour will lead from the Castle courtyard, through the Old Town, Krakowskie Przedmieście, and Litewski Square. On Castle Hill, participants will learn about its history, which is a reflection of the history of the city. The Old Town (Grodzka Gate, Po Farze Square, the Church and Monastery of the Dominicans, Rynek Square, and the Crown Tribunal), full of legends, curiosities, and anecdotes, will allow you to travel back in time through the past centuries. The participants of the walk will be able to imagine townspeople selling bread, monks, pious Jews, and hear many languages that once sounded on the streets and within the city walls. The beautiful baroque Cathedral will also be included in the route. Participants will go further through the Krakow Gate to the promenade – Krakowskie Przedmieście to finally get to Litewski Square.


Finally, for those willing, the mentioned bonus – a “surprise place”, a place that does not fit the narrow canon of Lublin attractions, although it may surprise… Obviously, it will be suited to the needs and expectations of the group.

A scenario and a duration of the walk are up to the expectation of participants.

Practical information:

  • Walk led in French – the price is 50% higher than the basic price.
  • In the case of small groups, it is possible to negotiate the price for the service.
  • Duration of the walk: 1,5 or 2 or 2,5 hours – depends on the expectation of participants.
  • This offer is only available in Polish and French.

About Tour

Polish, French
General tour
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
up to 3 hours
Tour length:
Number of people:
od 2 do 35

1 hour/120 PLN

1,5  hour/180 PLN

2 hour/240 PLN

3 hour/300 PLN


For children
For adults
For seniors
For the physically handicapped
For animals

Beata Petkiewicz

Beata Petkiewicz

I have been a guide for 9 years. I belong to the Society of City Guides in Lublin PTTK and the Lublin Association of Pilots and Tourist Guides “Pogranicze”. I work as an academic teacher and translator.

Tours are available in Polish and French.


Contact with people of different ages, professions and from different parts of the world is what attracts me the most in being a guide. Also, I would like Lublin and the Lublin region to become recognizable both among the inhabitants of our country and guests from abroad.

People who contributed to the history of the city are the inspiration for my walks. Famous, but also nameless… they give it character, identity and build a unique atmosphere.

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