Jewish Lublin

Jewish Lublin

The walk allows to discover a complicated but interesting history of the Jews of Lublin. The city was famous throughout Eastern Europe for rabbis and books.

We will follow the fate of Jews from the Middle Ages to the tragic events of World War II. Even though the Jewish district in Podzamcze was demolished during the German occupation, buildings and streets in Lublin are still connected with Jewish history. We will find them and learn their stories – sometimes funny, sometimes sublime, and sometimes tragic. We will walk together around the Lublin Castle, trying to compare today’s empty space with the dense pre-war development of the Jewish district. We will also see how the Jewish and Christian communities coexisted in Lublin and how they influenced each other for five centuries.

What Jewish delicacies can be bought in Lublin bakeries today? Where are the prettiest sukkahs hidden? Which Lublin murals refer to the Jewish history in this city? We will answer any questions while walking together.

Practical information:

  • Group of up to 10 people: PLN 350/3 hours, each subsequent hour PLN 130
  • Group of more than 10 people: PLN 450/3 hours, each subsequent hour PLN 130

About Tour

Polish, Russian, Ukrainian
Specialised tour
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
up to 2 hours
Tour length:
5 km
Number of people:

from 350 PLN per group

For children
For adults
For seniors
For the physically handicapped
For animals

Volodymyr Dyshlevuk

Volodymyr Dyshlevuk

I am a history and psychology graduate. On a daily basis, I cooperate with the “Grodzka Gate — NN Theater” Center and the ROOTKA travel agency. As a guide in Lublin, I would like to encourage tourists to discover the city with me.  For my walks I invite organized groups and individuals of all ages. I also run workshops: “How to show tours”  and “Interpretation of heritage in the work of a guide”. In my spare time, I’m a translator of poetry, plays, essays and diaries of Holocaust survivors. I approach each tour individually, taking into account the interests of individual tourists and groups.