Lublin Free Walking Tour

Lublin Free Walking Tour

Snow, thunder or perfect weather, the Original Lublin Free Walking Tour of Martin’s City Tours is held every Saturday at 10.00 a.m.. Meeting point: Pub U Szewca (Grodzka 18). During this tour, we will show you historical landmarks and fascinating places in Lublin Historic Centre. Please, don’t expect a monotonous tour with lots of detailed information. Coming up to our Guests’ expectations, we have created a tour aiming to entertain you with catching stories, legends and anecdotes. Reading all the positive reviews they post on our Facebook and TripAdvisor gives us the confidence we do the right thing.

Inspirational stories covering the town’s history from the dark ages until today will be shared with you while walking through the Lublin Historic Centre. All the must-see places, like the Market Square, Lublin Castle, The Cracow Gate, Lithuanian Square, the, Archcathedral, and the Dominican Church and Monastery are covered by the tour. Part of the tour is a break in Lublin’s best known confectionery.

Martin’s City Tours is an independent tour company. We enjoy working together with renowned local businesses. It is our pleasure to hand you over some discount vouchers at the end of each tour.

The Original Lublin Free Walking Tours are voluntary tip based. We have deliberately decided not to charge you upfront, so you can expect a great tour of a motivated Lublin guide! We are confident that you will enjoy our Original Lublin Free Walking Tour enough to be willing to tip our guide at the end of the tour. It is your guide’s source of income.

Please, don’t start to panic if you are not able to join our free tours during the weekend. We are often able to organize private tours on a moment which suits you. We can cover the route of the free walking tour or personalize your Lublin experience. The private tours are also ideal for companies hosting foreign guests. Excited? Please, feel free to contact us to hear our suggestions!

About Tour

English, Dutch
General tour
up to 3 hours
Tour length:
2,5 km
Number of people:

You decide.

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For adults
For seniors
For the physically handicapped
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Martin Dalebout

Martin Dalebout

Hi! My name’s Martin, I’m a Dutchman, married to a lady from Lublin. We live here with our 3 kids. I’m passionate about the history of Lublin, especially the less known and funny stories of this inspirational city. I absolutely don’t like telling the standard boring stories. My ambition is to become a Polish lad but I’ve failed so far! I’m not good at drinking vodka and I refuse to eat pierogi.

I’ve lived and worked in many countries, amongst others in Israel and Morocco, and beside that, I’ve travelled a lot. I tend to join a free tour in every place I visit. To the best of my knowledge, I‘ve introduced the concept of regular based Free Walking Tours to Lublin.

Because I’m a foreigner, I’m able to highlight aspects of life in Lublin which are uncommon in other cultures. An ordinary situation for a native can intrigue me and a new inspirational story is born.

I’m proud of the city I live and work in. Book a tour with me and I’ll be happy to share my knowledge with you!

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