Riddles of a lublin townswoman

Riddles of a lublin townswoman

Riddles of a Lublin townswoman is a form that combines classic sightseeing with a city game. Tourists will visit the Castle of Lublin and the Old Town with a guide wearing a stylised outfit. They will hear the power of stories and tales from the colourful history of Lublin. They will find out where the name of the city came from, what was eaten in Podzamcze, which of Lublin’s streets is the narrowest and why it is not worth sitting on the stones. Participants will have to discover many secrets of this place on their own. The little house in the basket has a lot of puzzles and tasks for them, the solution of which will end their journey.

The walk is dedicated both to individual tourists and for organized groups, to groups of children and teenagers, and families with children. The form of the walk is adapted to the age of tourists.

Practical information:

  • school trips – from 14 PLN per person
  • individual tourists: children or teenagers – 10 PLN
  • adults – 20 PLN
  • walk in English – child 15 PLN, adult 35 PLN

About Tour

Polish, English
Specialised tour
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
up to 2 hours
Tour length:
2,5 km
Number of people:

from PLN 10 per person

For children
For adults
For seniors
For the physically handicapped
For animals

Danuta Borzecka

Danuta Borzecka

I am a tourism specialist by education, with a Master’s degree from AWF Poznań and a tourist guide. However, my adventure with tourism started much earlier. During the Tourism Study at the Vetterów in Lublin, I discovered that this job is my vocation. In 20 years I have moved from classic forms of guided tours, through guided tours in costumes, theatre tours and city games. During my walks, I try to introduce tourists to the charming corners of the Lublin region: Lublin, Kazimierz Dolny, Puławy, Janowiec and Nałęczów.

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