Previous editions

Previous editions of Season Lublin

Season Lublin 2019

The Season Lublin 2019 was exceptional. It took place in the year of the 450th anniversary of the Union of Lublin, under the motto ‘From the Union of Lublin to the European Union’!

During the ten days of the Season Lublin, residents and tourists could benefit from Lublin’s rich tourist offer free of charge. Thanks to the cooperation with nearly forty partners, the participants visited both the most famous and lesser-known tourist facilities of the city. They took part in numerous meetings, lectures, workshops, walks and sports activities.

The offer includes quests with an audio guide, breaking Jan Matejko’s code in one of the escape rooms, Lithuanian cuisine workshops and a visit to the Dominican Basilica. Among the attractions, there were many offers for the youngest. Some activities attracted fans of recreation — canoeing, cycling, hiking and running trips, as well as sailing workshops.

Season Lublin 2018

2018 was the 100th anniversary of Poland’s independence. The seventh edition of the Lublin Season was therefore held under the motto ‘Lublin 1918-2018. We are inspired by freedom’!

During the ten days of the Season Lublin, residents and tourists could get to know the city’s tourist offer better. There were nearly 280 different and free events to choose from. Hiking tours, canoeing trips, theme walks and workshops introduced unusual figures, monuments or places not yet discovered. City games, quests or workshops revealed to their participants the inspiring Lublin. As every year, the offer also abounded in family events, children’s workshops and a lot of other attractions.

Season Lublin 2017

In 2017, Lublin celebrated the Grand Jubilee of the 700th anniversary of the granting of the Municipal Rights. The Season Lublin, through its events, referred to this significant event in the history of Lublin. It evoked eminent Lubliners, ideas and works.

The sixth edition of the Season Lublin brought as many as 300 reasons to see that Lublin inspires with its rich heritage, delights with its unique monuments, has many fascinating stories to tell and tastes to taste. Tourists and city dwellers had the opportunity to participate in a journey into the city. The rich offer included bicycle trips, theme walks or canoeing trips. The participants of the events also had the opportunity to visit places that are not available daily, to visit monuments, and to learn about the offer of Lublin’s museums and institutions. As every year, there were also attractions planned for the youngest.

Season Lublin 2016

Season Lublin 2016 has shown that Lublin is a very attractive city for tourists. As a City of Inspiration, it boasts not only a rich history, numerous monuments and museums but also its intimate atmosphere, delicious cuisine and natural values.

Tourists and city residents could participate in at least 290 events organised during the fifth edition of the Lublin Season. Numerous workshops, meetings and exhibitions were held over 11 days. Participants of the events could: take a time travel during an expedition on a historic trolleybus, go for one of the many themed walks or try their hand at ‘escape’ from the escape room. The active part of the Season did not disappoint in this edition either. Orientation marches, canoeing, cycling and hiking trips made it possible to spend time actively, and at the same time get to know the richness and beauty of nature of Lublin and its surroundings.

Season Lublin 2015

The fourth edition of the Season Lublin took place in 2015. During this edition of the event, the city’s residents and visitors had the opportunity to participate in numerous events, workshops and walks, showing the tourist values of our city. During ten days, the Partners of the Season Lublin presented their offers, thus bringing closer the cultural heritage of the city, its monuments and numerous attractions. Each year, the programme of the event is enriched with new points, which makes Lublin’s tourist offer more recognisable and interesting.

The participants of 2015’s Season Lublin had the opportunity to get to know, among others, the oldest monuments of the Castle Hill, the Lublin Village Museum or the Lublin Underground Route. Those seeking active recreation did not lack canoeing or cycling trips through picturesque valleys. Aviation enthusiasts, on the other hand, had the opportunity to take a closer look at Lublin Airport.