Lublin - City of Inspiration

Lublin is a true City of Inspiration. To discover it, you have to experience Lublin. Come and feel the unique atmosphere of the vibrant of the Old Town that connects past and present. Let yourself be inspired by the incredible vibe of the city of the meeting of cultures. The best storytellers – The Guides of Inspiration – will help you to do this, and culinary masterpieces from Inspiration Places will provide a feast for your body. You just have to let yourself get carried away by the Season Lublin!

Places of Inspiration

In Lublin, we know that during our leisure time we need both blissful rest and delight in the palate. Hence, we have created a programme called ‘Miejsce Inspiracji’ (‘Place of Inspiration’). It indicates those restaurants which provide unforgettable culinary experiences in our unique Lublin style.

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Guides of Inspiration

You can explore Lublin on your own – it is undoubtedly enough to be astonished by the City of Inspiration. However, no one can take visitors on a fantastic journey through unobvious Lublin as the Inspiration Guides do. They are the best of the best experts in history, curiosities and subtleties about our city.