Take part in the Season

Season Lublin 2021

We have completed the recruitment for the Lublin 2020 season virtually. We invite you to take part in the next edition – in 2021!

Residents and tourists interested in getting to know Lublin gain the opportunity to participate in events that bring closer the rich history and culture of the city. The weekend of May 21-23, 2021 will be an opportunity for them to spend time actively and interestingly. During this time, they will be able to get to know the Partners of the event better and see their offer.

The person submitting the application, upon joining the Program, gains the prestigious title – Partner of the Lublin 2021 Season & nbsp; and a number of benefits:

  1. Presentation of the tourist offer with an overview of the Partner’s year-round or seasonal activity on a dedicated tourist portal.
  2. Extending the recipients of the Partner’s offer with new tourists and visitors during the holiday season.
  3. Participation in the promotional campaign.
  4. Insight into the research on tourist traffic and interest in the tourist offer in Lublin prepared by the Organizer during the “Lublin Season 2021” Program.

Pytania i odpowiedzi

Głównym celem Sezonu Lublin jest promocja oferty turystycznej miasta poprzez przybliżanie jego dziedzictwa kulturowo-historycznego i oferty usług turystycznych, jak również budowanie efektywnych form współpracy podmiotów zaangażowanych w rozwój turystyki w Lublinie.

Bogaty program wydarzenia tworzony jest przy udziale lokalnych partnerów, którzy w drodze zgłaszania imprez przedstawiają swoje propozycje odnoszące się do Programu Produktów Turystycznych wskazanych w Strategii Rozwoju Turystyki Miasta Lublin do 2025 roku.

This year we are implementing the 10th jubilee edition of Lublin Season.

From this year on, we want to emphasize the availability of the seasonal offer for tourists, therefore the condition for submitting an offer for the “Lublin Season 2021” on the weekend of May 21-23 is offering discounts to the offer for the entire season, i.e. from June 15 to September 1, 2021.

Information is available on the website Tourism Lublin and on the website Season Lublin .

Current information will also be published on social networks run by BRT, i.e. Facebook profile Tourist Lublin

Przykładowe kategorie Imprez:

  • spacery z przewodnikiem (przedstawienie trasy spaceru wraz z krótkim opisem miejsc na trasie)
  • zwiedzanie zabytków, obiektów historycznych, miejsc pamięci., atrakcji turystycznych (opis wybranego miejsca)
  • wycieczki rowerowe (opis wycieczki wraz z przedstawieniem jej trasy)
  • wycieczki zmotoryzowane (opis wycieczki wraz z przedstawieniem jej trasy)
  • spływy kajakowe (opis unikalnych walorów trasy spływu)
  • prelekcja, wystąpienie tematyczne (artykuł na wybrany temat)
  • gry miejskie i questy (materiał do pobrania wraz z ewentualną instrukcją)
  • warsztaty (opis aktywności, którą odbiorcy mogą wykonać samodzielnie)

Anyone can apply, both natural persons and those running business and organizations, companies that offer tourist, cultural, sports and other activities related to the offer of spending free time in Lublin.

The submitting entity may propose 2 events, but each of them should be sent in a separate Application Form.

In accordance with paragraph 9 of the Lublin Season Regulations, the substantive criteria for evaluating offers are:

  1. MERITORICAL EVALUATION – Coherence and originality of the concept of the task, understandable and attractive form of communication, professionalism and experience implementation of the Offer,
  2. SOCIAL ASSESSMENT – Equal opportunities in access to culture, use of cultural potential, local ties and relations with various communities, well-thought-out and adequate selection of the target audience of the Offer, taking into account the possibility of participation in the task with special needs referred to in the Act of 19 July 2019 on ensuring accessibility to people with special needs, including people with disabilities, schedule, the applicant’s experience in implementing cultural and educational projects, so far cooperation with the organizer, including timely and correct settlement of the completed Offers.