Między Słowami

Między Słowami

Bookstore and café Między Słowami (“Between the Lines Café”) is a combination of many passions: a passion for literary adventures, searching for film and music inspirations,= and long conversations over a glass of wine or a cup of aromatic coffee. It is a fulfillment of the dream of creating a meeting place with another person, where time will flow a little bit slower and coffee, book, and music will become only additions to the atmosphere created by people. It is a place where the intimate atmosphere of Lublin mixes with its history, traditions, and flavours.

In Między Słowami you can buy books related to Lublin, take part in events bringing closer the literary history of the city and relax with a cup of aromatic drink, looking at pictures of new and old Lublin.

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ul. Rybna 4/5

508 217 014

Vegetarian meals
Vegan meals
Outdoor Seating
Wheelchair Accessible
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Characteristics of the restaurant

Książki na stole


Bestsellers, classics, and Lublin guides are on sale. There are books available on the shelves for reading over coffee too.

Wnętrze ksiegarnio-kawiarni Między Słowami

Literary meetings and concerts

Cyclical literary events – time for poetry, interpretatio, and discussion.

Fotel i stół z herbatą i książką

Souvenirs from Lublin

In the café, you can buy souvenirs from Lublin – books, bags, mugs, and much more.

Dishes recommended by the Place of Inspiration

is an aromatic composition of Polish fruits: dried raspberries, apples, black currant, strawberries with raspberry juice, spices, and lemon. The recipe refers to the flavours of childhood – warming raspberry juice and fruit infusions, prepared by our grandmothers.

sweet and aromatic dessert prepared according to the original recipe, with the addition of almonds and hazelnuts. Chocolate desserts were served in the best Lublin cafés. The restaurant wants to refer to this sweet tradition.


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