Perłowa Pijalnia Piwa

Perłowa Pijalnia Piwa

Perłowa Pijalnia Piwa is a pub of Perła Browary Lubelskie. Opened in September 2014, Perłowa is a part of the revitalization process of the company. It is the only place in Lublin where you can learn about the craft of brewers. Seasonal beers, not available anywhere else, are served here. The culture of tasting and food-pairing – combining beer with food, is popularised here. The concept is based on the analogy of the process of brewing beer from products – all dishes are prepared from scratch in here.

Perłowa draws its inspiration from the history of the place where it is located. The former monastery of the Reforming Fathers, later the Vetter Brewery. The kitchen is based on a local product and cooperation with its manufacturers. Moreover, an important aspect is to spread consumer awareness through activities such as innovatively resurrecting tradition – a paroburger, workshops, a series of meetings, initiatives such as dinners devoted to specific issues with well-known chefs, manufacturers, and with entities from Lublin at the meeting point of science, business and culture – University of Life Sciences, Slow Food Polska or cyclical participation in events such as Sezon Lublin, Night of Culture.

Logo Perłowa Pijalnia Piwa
ul. Bernardyńska 15A

81 710 12 05

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Vegetarian meals
Vegan meals
Outdoor Seating
Wheelchair Accessible
Parking Available

Characteristics of the restaurant

Wielokran w Perłowej Pijalni Piwa

Beer tasting

Tasting board of seasonal beers brewed at Perła Brewery.

Apartamenty Browar Perła - wnętrze


Industrial design is what distinguishes Apartamenty Browar Perła.

Browar Perła - trasa podziemna

Visit in the brewery

Visit the brewery underground and get to know the history of the place and brewing process.

Dishes recommended by the Place of Inspiration

consists of a Lublin onion soup, smoked ribs, croutons, and white cheese. Onion soup from Goraj is included in the list of traditional products of Lublin voivodeship. It’s been known even before the Battle of Grunwald. It was originally made by the Jews living in Goraj.

white cabbage with a stuffing of deer and barley groats served with mashed potatoes, sauce of dried mushrooms, roasted sauerkraut, marinated sugar beet, and shaggy scalycaps. The dish is full of Lublin accents. The venison from Roztocze region and other ingredients come from our voivodeship: groats, sugar beet, mushrooms.

manna groats, raspberry sorbet, chocolate crumble, and scorzonera chips. This dessert reminiscent of childhood is based on manna groats and tastes best served with raspberry ice cream and scorzonera.


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