Project idea

What is the Cuisine of Inspiration?

The Cuisine of Inspiration programme addressed to the HoReCa industry, was established in 2009 at the initiative of the Lublin Municipal Office, as the Place of Inspiration programme. The main objective of the programme is to strengthen the positive image of the City of Lublin in the context of a place with taste – a culinary destination in Poland.

Wnętrze Par Zona Cafe

Linking the activities and products implemented by the Tourism Development Bureau of the Lublin Municipal Office, such as the Cuisine of Inspiration, with the activities of entities from the broadly understood tourism industry is an effective way to develop cooperation and inspire each other to continuously improve the quality of services. The expected effect of the Cuisine of Inspiration programme is designing and consolidating positive experiences of tourists visiting Lublin and residents using the offer of the tourist industry on site.

Entities participating in the Cuisine of Inspiration programme receive support from the Tourism Development Bureau in the following areas for the duration of the programme:

  • promotion and PR,
  • improving communication skills for managers and employees,
  • networking,
  • parnter and product evaluation.

The programme is based on the principles of healthy competition – gamification, and its effect is to strengthen the identity of the Partners rooted in the heritage and culture of Lublin.