Restaurant 2 PiEr attracts with its taste, style, and originally arranged, round interior – hence the name of the place. The success of the place is determined by tasty and professionally prepared dishes, thanks to which the restaurant was named the Place of Inspiration. 2 PI ER cuisine combines perfect chefs, interesting tastes, finesse in serving dishes, and an atmosphere that makes both family dinners, dates, and business meetings unforgettable.

Lublin is a meeting point for cultures, combining many traditions, including culinary ones. The dishes created should become its proof. The restaurant uses old Lublin recipes, but also draws inspiration from European cuisine and boldly reaches for novelties. Vegetables, meat, cereals, and fruits of the forest used in the kitchen are of the highest quality and come mostly from regional, proven suppliers.

The owners are proud that 2 PI ER is the City of Inspiration! They also try to inspire and delight guests with their taste all year “round”.

Logo Restauracji 2Pi Er
ul. Artura Grottgera 2

730 741 230

polish, european
Vegetarian meals
Vegan meals
Outdoor Seating
Wheelchair Accessible
Parking Available

Characteristics of the restaurant

Widok na Centrum Spotkania Kultur z tarasu restauracji 2 PI ER. Na pierwszym planie nakryty stół z posiłkami

Terrace with a view

There is a view of the Centre for the Meeting of Culture and the Saski Garden from the 5th floor.


Nakryty stół restauracyjny. Na talerzach kolorowe dania

Regional products

Products from local suppliers are the base for regional dishes in their original versions.

Inside of the 2 PI ER restaurant


Evenings with live music, wine tasting, and performative events.

Dishes recommended by the Place of Inspiration

is one of the most delicious soups of the Lublin region. Its name comes from the name of Goraj village, inhabited by Jews in the past. They used pork stock, vegetables, and onion to make this soup. Legend has it that this soup was served in the times of the Piast Dynasty.

Cheese comes from a regional supplier from Cycow. Only artisanal methods are used to produce cheeses with EU requirements.

from an organic farm near  Cycow, roasted buckwheat groats, and raspberries from farms near Lublin. 


Lublin dumplings with black pudding from Wisznice and thyme from Fajslawice.

Carp comes from the Pustelnia breeding, mushrooms are from the Lublin forests, whereas buckwheat and smoked cheese are from Cyców.

is a dish made from a free-range pig (Puławy breed). It is inscribed to the List of Regional Products by the Marshal’s Office.

a typical regional dish with the Lublin region characteristic, such as sauerkraut, cabbage roll, linseed oil, thyme, and mushrooms.


Places of Inspiration are perfect for the summer heat. Colourful gardens, unique interiors, and seasonal menu tempting with tasty food and refreshing drinks.