Restaurant 2PiEr is located on the fifth floor of the Luclin Conference Centre. 2PiEr is the perfect place for a business meeting, family event or a romantic evening. We organize occasional parties, catering and cultural events. We are happy to participate in festivals. Thanks to the windows overlooking the panorama of Lublin and the cuisine focused on the flavors of the region, 2PiEr is a place that fits in the promotional activities of Tourist Lublin.

2PiEr is dominated by European cuisine based on local products and regional dishes. Chef frequently refers to tradition and serves it with a modern twist. You can find regional tastes next to mussels or scorzonera in the menu. Thanks to this, the 2PiEr flavors surprise. Such combinations inspire and encourage not only to try, but also to learn more about the cuisine of the Lublin region .

Logo Restauracji 2Pi Er
ul. Artura Grottgera 2

730 741 230

polish, european
Vegetarian meals
Vegan meals
Outdoor Seating
Wheelchair Accessible
Parking Available

Characteristics of the restaurant

Widok na Centrum Spotkania Kultur z tarasu restauracji 2 PI ER. Na pierwszym planie nakryty stół z posiłkami

Terrace with a view

A spacious, sky-high terrace overlooking the city.

Nakryty stół restauracyjny. Na talerzach kolorowe dania

Regional products

The combination of European cuisine with the flavors of the region and products from local suppliers.

Wnętrze restauracji 2 PI ER

The staff

Well-trained, always helpful and smiling crew.

Dishes recommended by the Place of Inspiration

with sage croutons, Parmesan cheese and parsley oil.

with mushrooms, fresh tomato, cashew nuts and butter sauce.

served with rosti from Krzczonów wafers.


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